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Shoe Blogging Resumes

So I’ve been sitting here quietly photographing my shoes, but I didn’t want to post about it because of the whole debt ceiling/gov’t shutdown debacle that was unfolding here. First of all, the whole business was too infuriating and embarrassing to describe. Second of all, had we breached the debt ceiling, I didn’t want to be posting frivolous shoe pics while my 401K burned (kidding, I don’t have a 401K). And also, I was really busy posting angry notes on John Boehner and Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan’s Facebook pages (not kidding).

In the interim, some shoes happened, though, and some of them even relate to travel. Shall we?

Got 'em in Berlin, wearin' 'em in Berkeley.
Got ‘em in Berlin, wearin’ ‘em in Berkeley.

These cuties were purchased in Berlin, as a last-minute buy on the way to the train. I seem to be a sucker for wood-heeled green shoes. Huh. I never really noticed that before. You know, they tell you a blog is a journey of self-discovery, but I’m just now realizing how true it really is.

For those who cannot pick a color.
For those who cannot pick a color.

These are red-grey-beige colorblock mules, purchased in Vienna at Salamander. Now, ordinarily I am very strongly opposed to shopping at Salamander. Very. Their prices are a Frechheit, an impertinence. You can often find literally the very same shoes down the street for like 20 euros less. But. These were on mega-sale, and I have an on-again-off-again romance with colorblocking. They look particularly charming against the institutional carpet of my classroom (no students were present when I took this picture).

Is that Houndstooth? What exactly is Houndstooth, anyway?
I don’t know the name for that pattern. Is that Houndstooth? What exactly is Houndstooth, anyway?

I’m not gonna lie, these shoes hurt. They hurt like you wouldn’t believe, especially after 3 hours of lecturing in them. They make the plantar fasciitis in my right foot burn with the fire of a thousand suns. But so what? They’re so cute. They’re actually fabric on the top, like a knit kind of stuff, giving them a friendly look. Which they need, because you could take out someone’s eye with that heel.

One more? These are a classic:



I got these in Trieste, Italy. They were over my budget. Well, one of my budgets. I have a mental price limit on Utterly Ridiculous Shoes — and it’s a lower amount than my limit for Elegant Classics I Could Walk A Block In. (No, I don’t want to specify the relevant amounts.) These were over my Utterly Ridiculous limit by like 15 euros. My traveling companions pitched in the extra for the pleasure of seeing me buy, and then wear, these shoes. I did and still do consider that to be a highly friendly gesture.

A word on Trieste, since I’m on the subject. The place is a revelation. It’s off the beaten path, so far around the Adriatic that it’s practically opposite Venice, which is itself already the established limit of the traditional tourist loop of Italy. But Trieste is, in my opinion, far more pleasant than Venice. Certainly it offers better vistas. The city center comes straight down to the Adriatic, embracing the water:


Ignore the ugly scaffold. Trieste is characterized by its fantastic and fantastical Baroque architecture from the time when it was the primary sea port of the Austro-Hungarian empire. And at night, that architecture is spectacularly lit:

Trieste by Night

I recommend a trip to Trieste if you ever have the opportunity. And next time we speak, I rather think I’ll talk boots. I also plan to bitch at length about United Airlines. So much to look forward to!


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