I’m an art historian and freelance writer/editor who lives most of the year in Vienna, Austria. I did my PhD in Renaissance art — I teach study abroad when in Vienna, and a variety of art history and Renaissance studies courses when in the US. I also lead tours in Vienna, helping visitors to see the city’s history via its art and architecture. Want to learn more about my work? Please visit my website.

I love the experience of being an ex-pat, when I’m not horribly frustrated; I love struggling to learn the language, though I typically also feel like a fool (word to the wise: what they speak here isn’t German as one learns it in school). My particular temperament is a bit wasted on the US — I love old things. Old places, old objects, old traditions. I am learning Vienna one day, one forkful, one staircase (“Treppe” in German, “Stiege” in Austria), at a time.


I invite you to join me. If there is something you want to know about Austria, and especially about art and architecture, drop me a line:

lisa at mybluedanube dot com

By the way — there will be numerous digressions on the subject of shoes. These will be so frequent, in fact, as to form a topic of their own:


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