California to Vienna, ASAP


Greetings from California — but shortly from Vienna.  Otto Wagner, I will see you soon!  For those keeping track, I will be arriving in Vienna on December 26th (leaving California late on Christmas Day), ready to jump straight into the world’s most beautiful city.  I will post regular updates on the food, the art, the language, the culture, the history, the shopping, and all of the wonderful oddness and beauty that is Vienna.  I invite you to watch this space, and to join me on the banks of the blue Danube.

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3 Responses to California to Vienna, ASAP

  1. Welcome to Vienna! :) I am impressed that someone from abroad has taken a photo of the Nussdorfer Wehr which isn’t that central. Have you ever been to the Otto Wagner museums located at the Postsparkasse (Georg Coch-Platz 2) and at the Karlsplatz (Otto Wagner Pavilion)?

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you for the warm welcome! I am a huge Otto Wagner fan, so a definite yes to visits to the Postsparkasse and Karlsplatz museums. I found the Karlsplatz in particular to be terrific — loved seeing the plans for what became the Wien museum. I was in love with the Nussdorfer Wehr, though that was one I stumbled on on bike ride along the river. I took about a million pictures of it. The Kirche am Steinhof is also one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen anywhere; I loved visiting that, though we went on the coldest days of last winter. I would bet, based on your extraordinary knowledge of Austria (your pics are wonderful!) that you’ve been to the Wagner villas? I am planning a trip to them this spring, once the weather warms up — will document with photos and blogging, of course. Would love to hear your impressions. Also, any other recs for things one should not miss — I like to get off the beaten path. Thanks again for the comment, and the welcome! I’m enjoying your Twitter feed :)

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