Vienna Under Sugar

That’s what they call it here when there’s snow over the city — “angezuckert” — sugared. Last night about six fresh inches of snow fell on top of the couple of inches that gathered the previous day. It was enough snow to give everybody a festive feeling, and so we headed into First District with the masses, to walk around (and, what the hell, buy some boots — but more on that in a separate post). Here’s a bit of how the city looks with a dusting of sweet stuff.

The Stefansdom is newly cleaned — a friend tells us that it will more or less always be under restoration; the facade and towers are so intricate that as soon as the restoration gets around the building it essentially needs to start again immediately. Even so, it’s nice to have the front facade out from under scaffolding, as it has been since this summer, for the first time in the several years I’ve been coming to Vienna. A bit of snow trimming the towers does nothing to diminish its beauty.



While we’re looking at churches, the Karlskirche is among Vienna’s most impressive. I tend to find its 18th-century extravagance a bit much; the snow softens the effect:




Last church, I promise — the Peterskirche as seen between buildings. The Peterskirche is the Karlskirche’s 18th-century extravagance packed into a structure 1/4 of the size. It also does best when seen in glimpses, as here:


Peterskirche, peripherally


I dunno. It struck me:


Hot Dog!!


Saturday afternoon calls for a bit of cheese shopping at the Naschmarkt. Full disclosure: getting a nice snow picture here was not the easiest as the powder had been summarily trampled into puddles by eager shoppers. But whatever. It’s still pretty:




For anyone not so excited about the snow, never fear — spring will come:


Spring Will Come


There are so many snow pictures to follow, including a haunting “Prater amusement park in winter” series. Because snow is pretty. And there’s a lot of it.

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